A story

About me

Anyone who has ever faced the search for a really good specialist knows how difficult and painstaking this process is. And even a proven, specially designed algorithm sometimes does not guarantee a successful outcome. 

The more responsible task is, the higher are the requirements for a professional approach. And when I say that I know what problems you have to face when looking for staff, you can believe me - 15 years of experience of working in business in this area gave me the right to do so.

 I have developed and tested many systems of standards, introduced special search technologies, developed a huge base of professional staff, honed my knowledge at numerous trainings and specialized seminars, Mini MBA. Apart from that, two higher economic educations "Accounting and Auditing" and "International Economics in Tourism" allow me to feel confident in the field of business and its interests.

It doesn't matter who you are looking for. Commercial or financial director, experienced marketing specialist or programmer, skilled and effective sales manager, etc. Any area of business, any level of complexity of the task - your ideal candidate will be found in the shortest possible time.

My work experience

For ten years, since 2005, I had been working in banks on management positions, mostly in business. Therefore, I am very good at any type of business and what kind of employee is needed for this company.

My professional start was on a fairly high level already from the very beginning. At first, I was the head of the lending department of medium and small business, then - the head of the branch group, the director of the branch, later - the deputy director of the Western region, which consisted of 6 regions. 

140 employees and a high level of responsibility is a huge experience in such areas as attracting customers and the quality of their service, meeting all targets and ensuring consistently high financial results. I selected teams on my own and motivated them - my teams always achieved the best results. 

After such an experience, of course, I was able to create my own recruitment agency. So in 2015 I started to work independently in this field. My business interests were the ones I liked the most: recruitment, as well as their development and motivation. 

Possessing the knowledge of business organization and the experience of recruitment, I felt that I lack the experience of recruitment particularly for companies, not for the team entrusted to you. So I accepted an offer from an international group of companies (several startups) and became HR director. 

Here I learned to close any vacancies in Ukraine, Europe, America. And here I discovered the selection of personnel for the IT field.

It happened accidentally. In 2015, working as an HRD in an international holding company, I received an assignment from the owner to staff two IT teams in two days. Without understanding either the technologies or who exactly is needed and where to find them, I went to an exhibition of startups in Kyiv with more than 2,000 participants. There I not only recruited employees for teams, but also "fell in love" with IT.

After this unique experience, I soon led two interesting projects on my own, which task was to form HR departments from scratch. At the same time I was a freelancer, but over time I took a risk and started recruiting only. 

It was this job that was my priority for the next five years. I currently manage a team of employees as a recruiting business owner. 

My transition from business/TOP positions to recruiting is not typical for Ukraine, but it is popular in Europe and the USA. And such high standards are the desire of all dynamic and progressive companies nowadays. I’m sure that I am ready to accept such a level of challenges as well as I’m confident in reaching high results in the end.

My reputation and professional portfolio is:

  • experience in business and sales – more than 15 years.
  • experience in workforce management and recruitment – more than 15 years.
  • experience with IT vacancies – more than 5 years.
  • experience in managing large teams as a top manager: at the age of 23 I led a team of 5 people, at 24 – 15 people, at 25 – a staff of 70 employees, at 30 – a team of 140 people.
  • experience in HR departments – it’s a school of team management from 150 to 700 employees. 
  • more than 1,500 specialists employed by various companies, including international and IT companies. 
  • 2 higher economic educations “Accounting and Auditing”, “International Economics in the Field of Tourism”, Mini MBA, a large number of trainings and exercises.
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