For companies

We are proud that

  • 100% of customers come as per recommendation.
  • 98% of candidates pass the trial period.
  • 90%  of customers are regular.
  • More than 1500 closed vacancies.

Our customers

  1. International holdings and companies that are in the TOP according to various ratings - we help recruiters to cope with a large number of vacancies when launching new projects.
  2. IT companies, products and services that do not have a recruiter in the staff – we perform the function of a remote recruiter, completely closing vacancies: CEO, CMO, CFO, developer, analysts, accountant, marketers, sales managers, lawyers and more.
  3. Commercial companies from various fields, which do not have a full-time recruiter. We perform the function of remote recruiter/HR for them.
  4. Executive search/headhunting service of "hot" vacancies, when companies cannot find the necessary specialists with their resources.


High-quality and fast search and selection of the necessary workers.

Significant savings of your time and money.

We know exactly what you want,

because we understand your business.

You do not pay for searches,

but for the result.

We guarantee the replacement of the candidate

on a free basis.

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